New 1-Click Software Activates 50 Streams Of Income For You In 60 Seconds...

Ezy MultiStore Review 2

New 1-Click Software Activates 50 Streams Of Income For You In 60 Seconds...
Using Ezy Multistore on a Laptop.

It has a built-in system which generates free traffic from facebook and twitter, no paid ads required, build a list of potential buyers right inside the software target and sell to them over and over again and comes pre-loaded with 8 high quality elegant themes for your store’s look. Pick and use the one you like. Provide buyers with a new vip shopping experience with a built-in notification system. I have put together a custom and exclusive package that you will be able to get when you purchase easy multi-stores through the link in the description below of this review.

Then, after you purchase there’s also some upsells available to ezy multi-stores after you purchase. You need to purchase it before the countdown timer hits zero, because when it does, all of my bonuses will disappear and that’s, something i don’t want you to miss out on so.

So now, let’s have a look at the dashboard and walk through it. Creating your first athletes tour. It all starts with creating a new action, give the store a display name of your choice. So we call this smart stall to hit and save great ezy multistore successfully creates a smart store or login assets for you, which you can access right at the bottom.

Once you scroll down so once you scroll down, you’re, going to find this right there so hit on login to store once you log into your store ease. The multi store, takes your defects onboarding to brand your store.

So we call this game. Smart store and uh, you have to set up your sub domain, which they call this smart store. We hit on create store. At this point, you will launch into your newly created affiliate installed dashboard, so go straight to setting up our online store front and to do so, we want to select our first theme.

We have eight themes you can select from, so we just go here to select athletic e-commerce, so you can switch things once you’ve successfully set your theme. You can then come over to the gear menu icon right here to click to customize your theme, so you can go ahead to set your sliders go ahead and set your banners as well as the social link, so quickly get this right to your online store and Set your logo, so he don’t choose five to select a logo from the local mission to right. Here we have this installed, okay to upload great. So once you’ve successfully set up your logo on your stall. Your storefront end is already taking shape so then go over to the product category to create our first category, with which we’re, going to import our affiliate e-commerce products into so right.

Here we want to create a product called this add product or category. We’re, calling the shoes and we hit on save great. You’ve successfully created our category. Next, you go to the search product made on the search product menu. We have search amazon, set, walmart search, ebay best buy we hit on search amazon to get our fixed products, are bundled imported from amazon. So right here you can see a notice for new athletes so for you who have not been approved or been kicked out before, but you own an associate account with amazon, then you can use our blog in a chrome extension plugin that comes along with your account.

You can see where my console is hovering, that is our chrome extension. So how will you go about using this chrome extension? First, you need to come over to amazon right on amazon, just type in shoes or, whatever choice of keywords you want to choose for the product you want once it sets out your choice product. So you have your product collections right here. So once you have this like this, all you need to do. Click on our companion, chrome, extension, plugin. So once you click on the companion, chrome extension, you see amazon selected and you have all the products identified on this page is 90, so we can come ahead here to hit and copy or you could click on run if all of these ids are not showing.

So you wait for this site to fully load and you have all of these ids. Then you can go ahead to copy copied. You then come over to importing your products. You define the category which you created, which you want this produce to come into. Then you go ahead to define your amazon ids, which you copied, so you just copy and paste that you can see it. Then you come straight here to hit and search. You give this some couple of seconds to fully set up all of those product ids you’ve gotten so with ezy multistore one tool you get all of these exciting results. You have your products imported. So at this point you can go ahead to select the number of shoes you want.

Selecting all you need to do hit on import selected item the same thing. You also do across world map, ebay and exit. Let’s quickly, check out on world map. All you need to do just specify the category you want to add this to, and you could be more specific with your kind of shoes who could just say stickers and you hidden set once you’re done importing all your products and you’re set to let your store go live you want to start sharing your url to promote your store.

You have to do one more thing and that you can do right on the settings which will take you to what we call the deep links. Deep links allows you to associate your affiliate identity with amazon. You need to go straight on to your amazon Associate account right on your amazon, actually account you’re going to find this tall level, so you need to copy this carefully out. So once you have this, you copy it out. Take it back to your easy multi store and right inside of your deep link space.

You drop it in there. Some also apply aliexpress, ebay, walmart best buy once you’re done, you hit and save so this point will have deep links saved successfully, so we’re then set to take us to life. You can come over here to hit on view store on a new tab. This is amazing. Here we have our new athlete store set up for us with our sliders fully in place, and you can confirm our logos. So once you scroll down, you can see your new arrivals. Of course, your new products, which you’ve imported into your newly created ecom athlete stores, and you can see this really looking quite amazing.

So if you scroll down, you can choose to select any of those products to check them out. You can also scroll to see the uh options of products we have in here. So at this point you could go over to hit on view product so right on view product notice. Here you can of course get to see how many views you’ve got and you can get to see the analytics and, if you’ve gotten persons who have clicked on you by a link that takes them to the next page, where they can make the outright purchase. You also get to know about it here, and you can also get to see those who are in your wish list to get instant notification on product stock status and any price changes they can just put the email address and submit and automatically is the multi-stores will Handle that we have the notify me, this allows your customers, your prospects or visitors, to your store to be able to set the certain uh price range for which they want to buy a choice product.

So they all they need to put their email address and set the price range and automatically ezy multistores will go, is going to handle all of that for you for you that particular product and interestingly, this also comes with review right here. You can all get the review video for this particular product and when the visitor or your prospect comes over to hit on the buy button, this is what happened so right on the buy button. If you look at the address bar at the top here, you notice here that our deep link was able to add up our associate id, which means every purchases that were made from this link now will certainly be made with my commissions, to my affiliate account right On amazon, this is really unique.

This is really how powerful ezy multi stores have really gone several steps ahead to make life quite easy for users. Now, if you come down to the our settings right here, you get to see that there are several other configurations which you can do, especially within the notification section of this setup. At this point, you can enable email a lot for your subscribers. You can turn this on and if you have your personal, our smtp settings, you can go ahead. If you don & # 39, t want to use that from ezy multistores. You can set your own smtp and it’s, going to be setting up notification based on your personal smtp. But if you don’t have not to worry. We already have all of that covered inside of easy multi stores and, of course, within your product input settings.

You also have options to set your facebook and twitter notifications for your set facebook. You can share on facebook when a new product is published. You can also share on twitter when a new product is published, you can share on facebook when a product price drops, you can also share on twitter when a product price drops. So this also helps to carry along your store followers to help them know what is happening with you. So it also helps you to grow your followers and engagement on your social handles for your stalls and, of course, you can set your seo on your store as well as your custom domain.

The truth is Ezy Multi-Store is incredibly powerful. It is quite easy for experienced, as well as for those who have never gotten success with e-commerce affiliate marketing. This is your one-stop solution to get the success just before this year wraps up. Thank you. That is the features of easy multi-stores, so that is exactly what you can find inside now let’s, have a look at the sales headline and then we will cover the pricing and the absence.

First of all, this product will be live at 11, am eastern standard time at 22nd of august. Then it says here fact: there has been a massive 146 percent growth in all online retail orders due to the pandemic in just 60 seconds. You can take advantage and get a huge piece of this pie. World’s. First, complete set and forget system allows you to make pure profits every single minute. Even while you are asleep without any budget skills or experience, you can go and check out more about your product.

You can go and check out the video, but right now it is still on construction. I’m, not going to show that to you. Now, the sales page, you can just click the link below of this video click on the yellow buttons to come to the sales page as of 11 am eastern standard time at 22nd of august watch the video and it has a lot more details about the product And what it does so, i suggest you check that out on your own by clicking below this video and then going through the sales page and going through it.

All of that being said, you can get access to easy multi-source product at 29 dollars. So let’s, have a look at the pricing and app source content product that’s. Everything i just showed you in this ezy multi-stores review the dashboard of easy multi-stores is $29. Then we have four different options: upsell number one ezy multi-stores premium: $49 upsell number: two $149 dollars: $50 done for you, ecom affiliate stores, upsell number three easy: multi-stores, unlimited traffic ninety-five dollars; upsell number four, the last upsell eazy multi-stores reseller.

You have three different options. If you want $150 licenses, it will cost you $197. Then 500 licenses is $297. Then we have unlimited licenses that cost $497, so that’s, the fourth and final upsell, so that is all for the different absence.

So there’s a demo video in my bonus page here just keep on scrolling down and check the demo video there. It will show you a bit more information about what easy multi-stores does and also check out my bonuses.

I put a lot of time putting this together, so you can get best out of ezy multi stores now, regardless of whether you pick up in those upsells or not, as i mentioned before, this bonuses right here is going to be delivered to you after you purchase free of charge, through the link below of this video now, regardless of whether pick up in those upsells or not, as i mentioned before, this bonus right here, is going to be delivered to you after you purchase free of charge through the link below of this video.

So that’s all for my easy multi-stores review. If you have any questions, please drop them in the comment box and i’ll. Do my best to answer them? See you guys next time and i’ll speak to you on the next one. Take care.






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