Ezy MultiStores Review

You can set this up in a matter of seconds

Ezy MultiStores is a smoking hot cloud-based platform that allows you to create profit, generating authority, e-commerce, affiliate stores in just 60 seconds by letting you add products from five major ecomm affiliate networks, amazon, ebay, walmart, Best buy and aliexpress without the traditional api or any other approval hustle.

So again you can set this up in a matter of seconds and you can have an all-in-one store. So with that being said, i found a few gigs just to show you how much you can charge for setting up stores like this uh for other people.

So i found this gig talking about a usp, a unique selling position for 175 euro, which is like $200. I will develop your shopify ec weed, store, certified ecom experts 175 euro as well, which is $200 and also i will create a marketplace or e-commerce or business website with free support.

This one is 87 euro, which is like a hundred and ten dollars, so you can charge at least a hundred dollars for setting up something like this, and this is just the basic version. The premium version is 241, which is like 275, okay.

Let’s check out the sales page

So with that being said, let’s, check out the sales page for ezy multi-stores. As you can see it says fact, there has been a massive 146% growth in all online retailer orders due to the pandemic. Now me myself, i actually started buying a ton of different stuff on amazon and ebay, much much more compared to what i used to buy.

So this is definitely true in just 60 seconds you can take advantage of this and get a huge piece of the pie world’s first. Complete set and forget system allows you to make pure profits every single minute. Even while you’re asleep without any budget skills or experience.

They explain exactly what’s included right here, uh, so guys you can go for all of this in your own time. The key point is that you can create an online income store in a matter of 60 seconds with Ezy MultiStores , and you’re, getting a 30 days, money back guarantee, they will have testimonials and proof and everything else so again check it out once it’s live now.

These stores are already created.

Let me describe the inside of the members area, okay, so this is how it looks like super simple, because it is very simple to actually create these stores. So, as you can see, we have live stores right here, free because you can actually create multiple stores.

You have subscriptions, you have store limit, so, as you can see, these free stores are already created. So let me just show you how the store would look like. Okay, so obviously all of this is editable.

You have all these images banners too. These will be products, so you’d, be just adding different products. We have home, a shop, about us, contact us categories and all the usual stuff when it comes to an ecom store and again, if you will actually decide to do this for other people, they will give you all the product info.

They will give you all the images you just have to edit and you can again create these stores in 60 seconds. So we have these stores right here. Then we have store manager all stores or we can create a new store. So, as you can see, you can create here, so let me just click on create a new store and let’s, see how this works. Okay, so, first of all display name, let’s do test. Now we’re gonna have to log into the store.

As you can see, with Ezy MultiStores all you have to do is just add, the mobile store name so, and then your sub domain, because by the way domain, is included with this okay. So you don’t need websites or domains or anything else. We are creating the store and, as you can see, we have total products. Total views total clicks everything we need to actually run. A store is right here, so we can search products. We can uh access all the products right here.

We have all the tutorials

We have the analytics, we have online store, we have settings, we have the done for your builder and we have all the tutorials, obviously all the tutorials on how to use it, how to add products and everything else is included. So five minute demo getting started importing products online, stored, branding, store management, getting amazon, api keys, ebay, api keys and manually, adding an amazon product so guys super simple, a part of this video.

I will also add a full demo, showing you exactly each and one of these options. So what you need to know in the natural is that you can create these stores in a matter of seconds and you can use them for yourself or for other people. If you want to set this up as a service – okay, so guys that was on the inside, let’s. Check out the pricing and all of the upsells, so easy multi stores will be $29. Everything i discussed will be included in this.

We have four one-time offers so easy, multi-stores audio number one is the premium version $49, which will include more options. Audio number two to ezy multi stores is $50 down for you, ecom affiliate stores. So $149, this is simply set up for you if you want to just get the done for you stores and just sell them as is or use them, as is ezy multi stores. Oto number three is the unlimited traffic, which is $95 and oto number Four is easy, multi-stores resellers license and you have $150, 500 or unlimited licenses for $197, $297 or $497, which means that you can sell this product as your own and keep 100% of the profits to yourself on all of it?

As always, i have a full written review right here on my blog, so check it out and let’s sum up this easy multi stores review.

This is the world’s first and fastest authority, ecom affiliate store builder. That will include five different ecom options: okay, so again, walmart aliexpress, amazon, ebay and best buy.

So you can generate quick and easy profits, no hosting on domain needed. You can click, you can click one button and add products in bulk. It includes free traffic and no api or approval is needed, and you’re, getting a money back guarantee.

Now what I don’t like about ezy multi-stores. It is e-com okay, so if you do want to do this yourself, you have to keep in mind. You will be selling physical products okay, so this is a totally different thing comparing to cpa, marketing or affiliate marketing.

But with that being said again, this market is actually growing and there’s, a lot, a lot of money to be made and if you want to use easy multi-stores to set this up for other people, you’re, just delivering a Service and you’re, cashing in on $100 to $200 dollars per store guys.

I really like Ezy MultiStores for ecom. I don’t really like econ that much, but i like this because you can actually do this for other people. That’s, how i got started online and you can actually, you know, charge anywhere from a hundred dollars to two hundred dollars per store.

If you want to do this yourself, perfect one of the best store creators out there and and no monthly fees, so that’s another big thing. So guys make sure to pick it up for my link to get all of these bonuses

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