Do you want to know the formula that I use to write the perfect blog post?

Get 1-Click Blog Post Summary

Today I want to show you a really great, simple wordpress plugin, which has just been created and I want to show you and give you info on this, and I might even give you early access to this.

All right so give me one second, and let me show you what this does so. First of all the reason I created this is because I love blogging. I want to write content. I want to share my ideas. I want to share a lot of content with the world, but i get lazy.

I cannot start from scratch and it really pains me to actually just write something from scratch, so i thought there’s, so much content on youtube and i love watching youtube videos all these ted talks and all these amazing things people create on youtube.

What if there was a way to actually create content in just one click and write a blog post using youtube, so that’s? What i did i made a super simple one: click wordpress plugin. That can do that. Let me show you just go into your wordpress posts, click on add new over here and then, when you come down here, you will see my one click blog wordpress plugin.

Now all you have to do is basically find any youtube. Video. So here is a ted talk from bill gates which talks about uh the pandemic. So just take that – and you can just put it in there over here and just press one button and that’s it.

You have a complete article, all done for you properly formatted and everything now, if you don’t want to start from scratch, and you want to write about something you can just take a youtube video on that topic.

There are millions and millions of youtube videos just take a video and then get a head start on writing your content. You can basically use this content as it is, or you can basically edit this completely and then use it.

So if you want to just hit publish, you can go ahead and publish it right away, or you can just basically edit the whole thing and make it your own. So it basically gives you a one click easy way to write a blog post in just three seconds flat.

So what do you think?