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Today I’m reviewing a new product which is called marketpal. I think you will like it when you see it. You can purchase this through one of the buttons on this page. What I want to mention first, is that marketpal is basically a kind of a copy of max mill. So if you already have max mills, you don’t need to purchase market pal. Now. What i want to say is that, right now max mills is selling for $197.

And Marketpal right now is selling for 47 to 67 dollars

You can choose from pages here. You could choose a pop-up and a bar, or you could choose for mails here. So let’s start with the page. Let me click on page so that you can see what this part of this application allows you to do so here you can see all the pages that i’ve built with marketpal and when i click here at the right top on new page, It allows you to create a new page now.

This can be anything. This can be a landing page, a capture page, a sales page. So demo page, i’m, going to call this demo page 3 and i’m going to create this page on the next page. You get a lot of templates that you can choose from, and it also allows you when you finished one of your own websites or your own pages, to store that as a template.

So here at the left menu. You can also see your templates uh and if you don’t have a template. You can simply choose from the templates here, so it says 168 entries. So there are a lot of templates in here that you can choose from so there are 24 on each page, but let’s just select one so that you can see how it looks like so let’s.

Select this template. No idea how this looks like, but we will see this will bring you to the page editor, and this is really what you see is what you get you can drag and drop these items. When you select them, you can simply move them over your page and you can position them exactly where you want them to position.

Also, you have a mobile editor

Also, you have a mobile editor here. So, for example, you say for mobile: you want to have your logo at the right and on desktop. You want to have it on the left, so you can really match the these pages for mobile or desktop.

Now, here you can change everything on this page. You can delete this, you can add your own links. You can add your own elements so, for example, if you want to add a new paragraph to this page, you simply drag and drop this.

You add this to your page and then inside of here you can edit everything you can change the colors, you can add links to it, etc. It’s, a very easy way to create your pages. I’m going to delete this one, but, as you can see, this creates beautiful pages.

Within Marketpal you can ask for a preview, so it will render the page so that you can see how it looks like when your page is done. You can see this on different devices as you can see here, and you need to choose what kind of page this is.

So when i go to the settings of this page, i can say i want to grab leads from this page and then, if you put the setting to lead acquisition, it will also display on your dashboard how many leads you’ve, captured to this Page, but you can also say i want to get sales through this page and you can add the script also to your thank you.

Page link, clicks or share account. So in this case i’m going to do link clicks. I’m going to save this and i’m going to click next and here i can configure everything from the page, so i can say where do i want to display this specific page, or here you can type the specific url Of this page, you can put the dot com, branding on or off, and also here.

This is very interesting.

You could do a password protected, so let’s say i want to do one two three, then i can lock this page with a password and i can also publish this publish this on a specific date.

The first part where you can create your pages. The second part of marketpel is where you can create all your pop-ups or your sticky bars. So when i click on new pop-up bar, i’m going to do demo 3 today and then it’s.

Going to allow me to choose from the gallery again and again here also, you have your own templates that you can choose from and let’s just go over them. So here you see, these are sticky bars here. You also see these pop-ups.

So let’s say you want to have pop-ups on your website. You simply choose one of the designs and then you’re, going to change these designs to your own needs. So again, this is the same as the page builder.

You can drag and drop. You can add new elements to this. As you can see here, you could do timers in it simply drag and drop it, and then you can. You can create your popups now when i click save and next it brings me to the next page, where i can put the settings for this specific pop-up, so you can create segments within your marketplace, so you can say okay.

This only needs to be shown to a specific segment uh, you can say okay, i want to have this on my whole website, or i want to have this on a specific location. So let’s say i want this to be equal to https.123.Com and then you could also do here, backslash and then you also can say also when it’s equal to https and then and then blah blah, for example. So now this pop-up will only show on those two pages or you can say on the whole website, so it’s very advanced.

How to show this campaign. You can say: okay when somebody lands on this page or when somebody exits the screen or when somebody scrolls let’s, say somebody scrolls 30 of my website. Then the pop-up need to show up and allow visitors to close the bar or it remains in place.

Pretty Advanced Options

While people are scrolling, it’s, in my opinion, pretty advanced options that are in here. Also, you could fade in or use other effects how the pop-up shows up. You could put the dot-com branding on or off again and you can set the limits for a pop-up, so you could exclude that or you can say okay.

I want this to be shown to a visitor, a max of three times and also a maximum limit in one session, for example, and then also when do you want to show this, you can show this pop-ups on specific dates.

So let’s say you have a special running for a few days: specific dates. You can also select the time and date in here when this pop-up is going to be shown and then also here you have the specific date.

So let’s say you only want to run this in the weekend. You can select this and then you can save and activate your pop-up or your sticky bar, because this is one option, but, as you can see here, i also have a sticky bar, so these are also very powerful on your website here.

This is a sticky bar at the bottom um. I am using these myself a lot in my own, my own websites, and this is giving me a lot more conversions, also because it really pops out on the screen when people scroll your screen, and they see this sticky bar and the same is here.

You can save it next and then you can also configure where to show this sticky bar etc. Now one thing is important that you add this script to your website. So when you go here to your company settings, you will get the script that you can add to your website so that the sticky bars and the pop-ups will show up on your website.

Also now, then, the that’s, the second part, so we have pages, then we have pop-ups and bars, and the next thing is mills, so what marketpal allows you to do is to use this application to send unlimited emails with your own smtp provider.

Now this can be your own smpp provider, from your website, hosting where you can fill out your details and again this is when you go to settings here. Let me show you that real quick when you go to the company settings in here, you can set up your mail settings here’s, a tab which is called mil settings.

Choose a Template

Woman Searching for and Using Marketpal Templates

I’m, going to show you when you choose a template. For example, let’s say you want to use this template. You’re in the fitness industry. Then you can use this template to send out an email, so, for example, here build your strength with us, build your strength with us and you could do from there.

First name: hey build your strength with this tim and then you can change these details now. You cannot move these details in here on these templates, but what you can do is, you could add the logo on or off you could delete the text.

As you can see, you can get rid of all these text in here that you, don’t want to use now. Another option which i’m personally. Using most of the time is simply the plain template where you have plain text, and also here you can switch things on and off.

So this is an example, but if you like, to only have the text you go to the plus, you deselect the block, uh the headline and all the other parts in here and only keep the paragraph for example here, so you can send out your email.

So let’s say this: is your email, you’re, just gonna type, your email, and then you go next. There’s, a spam checker by the way that checks uh. If your message has spam words in it and then in here you could select your list, so you can say i want to send this to this specific list and then i also can exclude um people that are on a different list that will not get this Email, so let’s say i’m going to send to this list team only going to click.

Next, we have the sending options. So in here you have the subject name. So this is demo three you can select the from name. So, in this case it’s, team and you can also set it set up a different reply address.

So, first you need to verify these email addresses within marketpal, but once these are verified, you could choose your from name and your reply name and then here you could choose your smtp. So in this case, i’m, going to use milgan, and then you can schedule your email, so you can send it immediately or you could select a specific date where you want to send out this email.

So in this case, i’m going to do now. I’m going to click next, where i’m, going to see a summary of this email. As you can see here my subject, my from my reply – email. It’s, going to be sent through milgan to contacts and sent immediately and now i’m going to click send and this email has been sent and that’s.

How easy you send emails with marketpal again, you need to set up your smtp server, but this is all in one application here: pop-ups pages, landing pages, sales pages, pop-ups and bars emails all in one application.

Right now and there’s. Also, a b testing – i haven’t, seen this even where you could do a b tests of specific pages, also a b test of pop-up bars and probably also a b test of emails. This is pretty cool.

Yes, you could also do a b tests with emails inside of marked pal and then also you have your analytics of your audience, your page, your pop-up bars and your emails, so pretty advanced application for a one-time price right now, which is not too expensive.

Actually it’s, pretty cheap. When you go through the link below this video, you can check out the pricing here and it starts with 47 to 67 dollars. Now i always recommend you to take the pro the commercial version it’s by the way it’s, not academy pro.

Also, if you don’t like it, you can press the like button. No just kidding thank you for reading and if you have any questions you can ask them in the comments below.


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