How to Write a Blog Post in 1 Day, OR in 30 seconds using 1ClickBlogPosts.

You know that there’s, just this collection of feelings that you can experience. Frustration hesitation, a feeling of overwhelm excitement because writing a blog post can be exciting or just overall confusion.

Now the reason you’re experiencing any of these emotions or any others that I may not have mentioned, is because you don’t, have a process. You don’t, have a checklist of things to do now. The greatest cure for feeling overwhelmed, especially in your blogging business but honestly anywhere in life, is to have a checklist, just a sequence of steps that you’re supposed to take to solve a certain problem or to just accomplish a certain thing in your Life, if you have a step-by-step process, it just makes your job easier.

So you don’t, have to kind of run around wondering what you should be doing that year. Do you know what you should be doing and all you have to focus on is hard work, just making sure that you get it accomplished.

So in this video I’m, going to give you different steps that you can take to write your blog posts. Now, if you have been writing blog posts in the past and you feel like you, have your system down, pat awesome, you can still like this video and watch it, and maybe you’ll, get some inspiration and then, if you’ve, Never written a blog post before this is going to be pretty helpful for you, I think, but regardless this is not the do.

I’ll, be and or be all or end all. How does that go if you have another way that you like to write blog posts, go ahead, keep doing it that way. This is just a very clear defined process for how you can write a blog post and the way that I would recommend my own students.

How they should write blog posts, not because it is like the most masterful plan, and this is the only right way to do it. There are a lot of different ways that you can do it, but because it’s, a very clear defined plan and I feel, like clarity, solves a lot of problems for us when we are working on our blogging business.

So without further ado, let’s, get started, okay, so step number one. I want you to sit down at your desk and instead of starting to write, I don’t want you to do that. Yet I want you to research. First, the idea behind this is, I’m, assuming that you already know what your niche is.

You already know what blog category you’re writing in and you need to sit down and do research and find out what it is. Your target audience is looking for so you think of your niche. For this example.

Let’s say that you are a knitting blogger and that you only knit baby stuff. So our children’s, clothes or your, your your targeted towards the little folks in our lives. You know you, you want to show people how to knit baby, blankets and booties and cute little kids, scarves and things of that nature.

Okay, so that’s, your niche, you know that so people who are interested in doing those things and knitting baby blankets. What are they looking for? That’s, your job? You have to go out there and you have to find out what it is.

They’re looking for okay, so I recommend just quickly going to I could have honestly just said, Google, because everyone knows that Google is at, but you’re gonna go to Google okay and you’re gonna type in Knitting baby.

All right, yeah! We’re, not looking for babies who knit we’re, just kind of waiting to see what Google will autosuggest. So Google has this great feature where it automatically gives you suggestions based on what people have searched for in the past.

Now this is a goldmine there’s really no other word to describe it or other phrase to describe it because it’s. Doing all the foot work for you, Google is telling you hey here are some suggestions because people when they search for knitting baby, this is usually a list of the things that they’re searching for the most and you’ll.

See here write it at the top knitting baby. Blanket is one of the first things that comes up as a suggestion, so it’s, pretty safe to assume that if you aren’t quite sure where you need to start with your knitting blog knitting, a baby blanket is a good Place to go so we’re, going to go ahead and on that, and it will show these results here.

You could, in reality, just write a blog post about knitting, a baby blanket that’s totally fine, but we want to go a bit deeper. Okay, we’re, going to look at all the different suggestions that they might have.

So Google will take all the information that it compiles with regards to the history of what people are searching for if they search for knitting baby, blanket oftentimes, they’re, also searching for this caveat underneath knitting, baby, blankets and in this example a lot Of people search for the easiest baby blanket to knit or knitting the easiest baby blanket.

If you’re gonna knit a baby blanket you’re starting out. You just want the easiest pattern right, so it’s. It’s, pretty safe to assume that this would be a good place to start as well. So we’re gonna click on this okay.

Now, here’s, the last thing I want you to do in your research here. I want you to pay close attention to this section right here. The people also asked section now, Google I mean come on. They’re collecting tons of information, and they find that most often when people search for easiest baby blanket to knit or whatever some some variation of that they’re, also also asking this list of questions here here’s.

Why this is so important if people are asking these questions, you should be answering them in your blog post. So make a note of these questions and ensure that no matter what you write here in a moment, you include the answers to these questions and you include these questions themselves so that if people type in this question into Google now Google com – but you know just Google that they have a better chance of finding your blog post so that they can become a new fan.

Okay, so now your research is over and we’re gonna move on into step number two. So now that you’ve done your research. You know exactly what kind of blog posts you want to write. You want to teach people how to knit a baby blanket, but really, honestly, what you’re focusing on is the easiest baby.

Blanket possible, and you’ve, got a list of different questions that you’re going to address within this blog post. So it’s, important as you, you know, sit down and start to write this blog post that you clearly think of your objective.

First, what is the point of this blog post? It’s kind of a terrible idea, in my opinion, to sit down and just kind of let the keyboard take you where it wants to take you. This can be good to kind of like get into the practice of writing.

Perhaps but it’s, not great when you have a blog post in mind and you’re kind of like okay, let’s, see what my fingers can crank out here. It just can lead to a lot of chaos, and it can be extremely helpful if you have a main objective.

I want to teach people how to knit a baby blanket. I want it to be the easiest baby blanket possible and in order to do that, I need to put some sort of like specification on it, and if this were me – and it was my blog in my blog post – I would say the easiest baby blanket to Knit in 24 hours that that sounds like something I’d want to tackle.

If I wanted to get into knitting. Okay, if I didn’t know anything about knitting. I wanted to do a baby blanket for my friend who’s having a baby and the baby showers in two days. I just need something that can be accomplished in 24 hours.

Okay. So what is the easiest baby blanket that I can knit in 24 hours one? This is great because this gives not just you, but your reader, a very clear description or idea of exactly what this blog post is going to do.

So it’s. Just gonna teach you how to knit a baby blanket it’s. Gonna teach you how to knit a baby blanket fast, okay, but the next thing it’s going to do! Is it’s going to help you stay focused, so it’s important to have that of like blog title in mind and blog objective, blog post objective in mind.

That way, as you begin to answer, the questions from the people also ask section that we looked at or, as you look at you know and other ideas that you might throw into this blog post. You can look back at this blog post title and you can ask yourself: does this really fit in with my main objective? So in the step number two here, I just want you to make sure that you clearly define the objective of this particular blog post and make a list of the things that you are absolutely going to teach them in this blog post and it’S obvious: you’re, going to teach them how to knit the easiest baby blanket in 24 hours.

Okay, now let’s. Move on to step number three step: number three is kind of the easiest part, and that is to simply list out the steps that will help them get to accomplishing that main objective. So if you want them to learn how to knit a baby blanket in 24 hours, what are the 10 steps? They have to do to make sure that happens or I don’t know the 25 steps.

However, many steps it takes to knit a baby blanket 24 hours. This is where you’re gonna go ahead and list them out. So what you’re doing here is you’re, basically outlining your entire blog posts? You’re, hitting all those high points.

You’re, creating a list of bullet points that tells you okay. They need to know this this this this and this it needs to be in this order and then once I have all of this outlined, then I can go in and fill everything in and add all the different caveats and descriptions and ideas that will help them Along this process – and that brings us to step number four – and that is to fill out your outline.

So this is where you’re gonna write the meat of the blogpost okay, you’ve. Already done your research, you’ve, already outlined now. It’s, time to actually write the blog post, and when it comes to the number of words you feel you should have.

My recommendation is that no blog posts should be less than 1500 words, and if you are getting really in-depth like I would suspect a tutorial for a baby blanket might be, then it could be upwards to 3,000 words and that’s perfectly acceptable.

You want to give your readers enough content for them to feel like they are truly getting a good blog post and it will actually help teach them something, but at the same time you know if you start to feel like.

Maybe this could be two separate blog posts, then you might have to do that as well. You’re gonna have to trust your gut on this one and if you feel like you’re afraid of making the wrong decision just make a decision and if it’s the wrong one.

You’ll figure that out later, and then you can adjust it later on, but making no decision is more detrimental to your business than anything else. So just decide. How long does this blog post need to be? How much needs to be included in it and get writing a quick tip for you here is, as you begin to outline and write your blog post.

I highly recommend doing it in a space that can’t be easily lost, and by that I mean always make sure you are writing. Maybe your blog post on a Word document that’s being saved to an external, hard drive, or perhaps even using Google Docs, because it automatically keeps saving whatever drafts you have, as you write them out and with Google Docs, it stores everything online.

So if your dog runs past your cord for your computer and even plugs it, and then you lose your blog post or the internet, it just crashes, it sits. That would be pretty awful, but fortunately you would have a saved version of your blog post somewhere.

Now we’re moving on into step number five, and the purpose of this step is to ensure that you are not just writing a blog post. You’re, also keeping the fact that you’re running a business clear in your mind and that is to include a subscriber incentive.

If you’re new to the blogging world, a subscriber incentive is simply something you give away for free in exchange for their email, so they will give you their email and you will give them a handout, a download guidebook.

You know freebie of some kind of free course or something and the whole idea behind this is you’ve got to always think ten steps ahead in your business. Writing a blog post is great, but making sure it has all the elements of your blogging.

Business is smart and you want to be smart with your business when you include a subscriber incentive in every single blog post. That means you’re, increasing your chances of getting people on your list and the more people you have on your list, the more you can monetize your brand and also connect with your readers.

So you’re learning more about them, which means you can create products that they’ll, really love, which means you can sell products to them, that they will really love, and that means you’re just building a really healthy, solid blogging business so make sure you have a subscriber incentive and make sure please that it has something to do with the blog post itself.

Sometimes I will see, for example, if I was a knitting blogger and then my subscriber incentive was the top ten ways you can lose weight in you know the summer or whatever. That literally has nothing to do with knitting unless my tips are just knit fast and that will help you lose weight.

I don’t know, so you want to make sure that whatever subscriber and sent of you offer it actually ties back in with the blog posts. Don’t make things, look like they’re. Just kind of duct-taped together.

Make it look as though everything is working seamlessly together all righty step number six is to film a video to go along with it. So in the past couple of years I’ve, been you know, very supportive of the idea of making sure all of my students create videos but going forward.

As we see video take a more prominent stance. I would say one of the most, if not the most prominent stance and how consumers consume information or how our next generation and even our current generation um consumes information.

They love, Instagram, video, YouTube, etc and so forth. People really love learning or consuming information through video, and that means going forward. If you want to have a strong blogging business, you must have videos okay, so I want you to go ahead and think of the video that you could film for this blog post.

Now, if you’re knitting, a baby blanket you’re gonna have to show how to knit a baby blanket, maybe showing them the different stitches and showing you yourself in the process of knitting, that baby, blanket, etc and so forth.

And a tip for this step in particular, if you find that you are more naturally inclined to just kind of flow, a little bit better or work more effectively through video rather than sitting down and writing a blog post first, I actually recommend doing it in the Reverse order so film, your video first and then write your blog post or, if that doesn’t fit well, for you write your blog post and then film your video.

It can go either way you don’t have to do the video afterwards. In fact, I find that I I speak my blog posts better than I write them. Sometimes so I like to either film my blog post first like I would do here or to simply like record an audio recording of everything I’d, like to include in a blog post.

I just seem to work more efficiently that way, and so that’s, why? I would recommend doing a video first for myself, but you can try it either way and see what works for you. But regardless you have to have a video to go with every single blog post.

The seventh step is to create, or include photos that can help make the consumption process a bit more enjoyable. What I mean by that is, if you get on a blog post right now today and you kind of scroll through it, and there are no pictures and there’s, no info infographics or there’s.

No video there’s, nothing to really kind of capture your eye outside of the text. It can be bland, it can be a little bland, it can be a little boring and it can feel more like a textbook article rather than a blog post that has a human behind it.

That has a personality that people might connect to. I mean the whole point about blogging is not just to teach people, but also to connect with others and to humanize your brand to say: hey, I’m, a human being.

I’ve got a certain personality and I think you might connect with me really well, because here’s. What I’m all about okay and one of the ways that you can do that is by including pictures. Infographics videos and things of that nature.

So in this step I want you to think of maybe the different like social media graphics, you might create. If there are pictures, obviously there’s. Gon na be some pictures to go along with how to knit it, maybe flank it that, even if there weren’t any pictures for a tutorial, you could think of different pictures that you could put in there to just make your blog post a Bit more visually, appealing at the time that I’m filming this it’s 2019.

You need to have pictures or images or graphics in your blog posts. Okay, that’s a given and going forward. You absolutely will have to you might see this video in 2025 and if that’s the case, then you well know that you haven’t seen a blog post without pictures in a long time.

Step number eight is the last step. You’re, going to take care, and that is to ensure that you’re, including all of the important key words within your blog post here’s. The deal about key words. There are certain phrases that people will type in when they’re, looking for something in particular, for example, easiest baby blanket to knit or how to knit a bathing blanket or knitting baby blanket.

You know. Maybe they’re just typing that in and that’s. What they use on Google to find what it is they’re. Looking for those are the keywords you want to try to insert within that blog posts, don’t get spammy about this, because that can be a huge turnoff and Google is gonna see right through you anyway.

So you won’t rank um. But as you do your research, you know, go back to Google and see what different types of keywords kind of popped up. Maybe in the autosuggest section, where you start to type something about knitting baby blanket and then you’ll see what else comes up.

A good example was, I noticed in one of the questions that people also asked. They mentioned the yarn that you might use, so you might want to include something like yarn for baby blanket. That might be something you want to insert within your blog post to show that if somebody already has an idea of the type of pattern, knitting pattern that they might want to use to knit a baby blanket, but they aren’t quite sure.

What kind of yarn to use your blog post will have the answer because you’ll, be including that keyword and hopefully Google will see that you are creating amazing content right and they’re more likely to rank you writing a blog Post is really just one element to running a blogging business.

How Does 1 Click Blog Post Work?
1 Click Blog Post takes the transcript from any YouTube video and imports it as content for your WordPress article.  It works with any niche or any topic and all it requires is a YouTube URL, that’s it.

How Do I Install 1 Click Blog Post ?

  1. Download and install the 1 Click Blog Post plugin to your WordPress site.
  2. Create a new WordPress post.
  3. Copy any YouTube video URL and paste in the box.
  4. That’s it, the content is extracted and added to your article.

1 Click Blog Post Features

It does more than just create content for your website.  You can also automatically import the video and embed it on your website (Perfect if you’re using your own video), you can also auto add time-stamps in the content to jump to that section of the video and auto-import the videos thumbnail as the featured image so you don’t have to manually create one.