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The developers of Spressio claim that by 2023 there will be over three billion people who regularly shop online accounting for over six plus trillion US dollars of sales. More and more people are transitioning from bricks and mortar sales to the online sphere.

The time to start is now, but not everyone can succeed. If you’ve tried to enter this growing industry, but failed to make any sales. If you’ve, been baffled by the millions of options listings and opportunities to make money online and just didn’t know where to start i don’t blame you.

We have a hard time. Picking what products and what niches to get into, and mainly we just are stuck with a ton of questions and we don’t know how to start how to start. But the thing is selling online doesn’t have to be hard.

All it takes is to figure out what other successful sellers are doing and then copy them step by step. They’re selling tactics, distribution methods, their suppliers, once you have that you have a head start over 99 percent of the others who never make a dime.

The developers are a software development company with a string of best-selling products to our name. You may be familiar with our flagship product intelligence, which has revolutionized the e-commerce industry. Through the years we’ve made it our mission to level the playing field between those who are entering the industry and those who have already achieved success.

We believe it’s only fair, especially in these turbulent times, to help the small player make a sustainable, reliable income online. This doesn’t have to be hard. All that is required is to track identify and mimic the strategies and tactics of those dominating your niche.

Spreesio being considered by thoughtful man.

This was the reason we developed espressio to achieve exactly that. Espresso is a software designed to help those entering the e-commerce industry with no knowledge connections or experience whatsoever.

This is our most comprehensive and effective venture to date, based on feedback from an army of happy customers. We know that expressio is a game changer, a simple system to give you a head start over your competitors.

It works in three simple steps: activate your user id and password will be sent to you via email just enter them into the software, and you are ready to go. Watch Spressio will spy on other stores performance.

It finds the most trending products with the most profit potential okay, so this Spressio tool is basically a spy tool to spy on other competitors um products. So here it goes over see it says, find profile, stores and then steals the product ideas.

Okay. So when you guys hear steal, it probably can be a good word, but in the world of e-commerce everyone is copying each other. So it’s best to take your product and make it better. So let’s, see what else it says it’s identifies the hottest products in aliexpress, amazon and facebook and creates an arbitrage opportunity on autopilot.

Okay, it generates alerts to trending products and it imports products from aliexpress into your store. An email alerts for any price changes and it’s in the cloud, so you don’t have to do any hosting or backup.

Yes, three simple steps, basically activate the user id when you purchase uh, espresso. Okay. Next, you can spy on other people’s tools and other stores performance and then basically just list or create a store around a product using Spressio and you can identify if it’s profitable or not through software.

So you can start finding profitable hot items like this. You can use the order trend. You can see how many orders are. I’m actually going through, so youv’e got some people talking about Spressio, like Spressio, is a very simple and effective tool to fight find hot ecommerce products.

I’m, going to show you how easy it is to find hot selling products using espresso. Now, when you first log in you’ll notice that it is already loaded with recent hot selling products that the software has found and just above that we have these filters where we can narrow down the niche types of products, pricing and so forth.

Okay, so let’s run through the filters, real, quick and then we’ll, find some hot selling products that we can add to our store along the top row. Here we can filter these by how many orders the product has the price of the products and how long ago, that espresso found that product.

So let’s say that i’m looking for a hot selling product that has at least 50 orders. I also want this product to be at least twenty dollars, and then we’ll say that i don’t mind when the product was found.

Anytime works for me below that we have some sorting options. We can sort the products by the most recently found the number of orders, the price or the amount of stores that is currently selling this product.

So we’ll put my and then i want to filter that from high to low next up. I’m going to enter my keyword and we’re, going to say make up for this example and then click on search. Once i do that, we can see that we now have 5 products that match the criteria that i entered above at least 50 orders and they sell for at least 20 dollars.

Now before i jump into the products themselves. The last thing that we can do up here at the top is we can save this search so that we can come back later and load it up instantly without having to select these filters again.

So i’m, going to click on save search and we’re, going to call this my makeup search and we’re, going to save that. So now, when i come back to the software later on, i can click this little drop down, menu, select, makeup search and it will automatically populate these filters and sorting options for me and the products that match that criteria and then, finally, i can turn on an Email alert – and this way Spressio will email me anytime.

They find new products that match this criteria, and when that happens, you’ll receive an email that looks like this. So now that we have um might comment, that is the email getting emails for new hot trending products is pretty useful.

Um say you’ve got about a certain niche whose email pops up and then you can get notified when a hot trending product, and then you can take advantage of that and start selling. It right away. Have all of this configured and saved.

Let’s, go ahead and take a look at the products that Spressio has found for us. Let’s. Take a look at the first one. Here, for example, we have the default image. We can see how many stores is currently selling.

This product, so, for example, this one is being sold on 28 different stores. We have a bird’s, eye view of the orders, the cost of the products, the average selling price across these 28 stores, the profit margin and the sales.

So from here we have a few different options: we can click on aliexpress and this is going to open up this product in aliexpress, so we can get more information check, the shipping charges etc. We also have this inspector button, so let’s.

Go ahead and click on that and open it up from here we can see the orders trend. This is going to show us how many orders this product is receiving on a daily basis. So we can see this particular product is on a little bit of a down slope.

In some cases, you’ll, see the products going upwards in an upwards trend. We can also click on the storage trend, and this is going to show us how many stores have added this product to their store on a daily basis.

So it is being added in an upward trend on a daily basis and then, lastly, we can click on shopify stores and we can see the exact stores that are selling this products. So, for example, we have what you want to do when you click on shopify stores.

You want to look at all your competitors and you want to make sure your store offers more value, a better price and have a different marketing strategy. So you can the customer chooses your products over your competitors, mymakeupbrushset.

com. We can click the little arrow over here and go to the next one, and we can do this for all 28 stores and we can even click on the name of the store, open it up and browse the store, see how they are selling this product see Their descriptions see their selling angles and so forth with the csv file, and once you download that express okay, so that’s, pretty much espresso um.

You can analyze other people’s stores, shopify stores, and you can find hot trending products. Okay, so what Spressio funds trending products? Major seo database of stores and products updated every day in 2020, this store using Spressio, generate only three, almost four million dollars in revenue and there’s.

Another person that generated 1.5 million from his shopify store just from using espresso. You guys can already see the power espresso you you guys can just see how how much money these people are, making thirty six thousand 24 hours live.

You can just go check out this video, so, as you can see there’s more uh people talking about this product. So so, if you want this product I am offering a a link to buy this. It is affiliate link.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review and see you in the next one.






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