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Hey there everyone, today i’m gonna be doing a quick review of a product called one click blog post, one click blog post as they claim here, is the software that will write content blog posts in just three seconds flat. It does it really really quickly. Initially, it was a wordpress plugin, but don’t let that scare you if you don’t have a wordpress website, because they have a cloud-based version of this as well, which i’m going to be showing you here today

For People who want to write Articles and Blog Posts.

Also, I’m going to be showing you some stuff that he didn’t show inside of his demo inside of the cloud-based version of this. On top of that, i’ll, be walking you through the otos, the upsells that you’re going to be seeing in case you missed some of that stuff.

I’d, really appreciate it if you could go ahead and click that More Info button. So you’ll know about all the brand new products coming out and you can get the lowest price on them and the best bonuses. Okay, let’s, go.

Once you get your purchase, okay, let’s, go over and take a look at the quick little video showing a quick demo of the software here is ankur shukla here and today i’ll answer a few questions, first of all, why did I create this and what problem does it solve? So I’m, a blogger just like a lot of other people like there are millions and millions of bloggers out there, and there are millions and millions of actual content creators as well.

People who want to write articles. People want to create content, but it is really difficult to start from a blank page like I personally have this issue and I can’t really start from a blank page and there’s a lot of inspiration that’s required to write a great article and that’s, where I noticed that I really enjoy watching Ted Talks and any other educational videos on youtube and youtube has an ever growing amount of video content.

So what if there is, was a way to actually convert that video content into a blog post

So you can basically get a head start on writing your content and that’s. Exactly what I did. I created one click blog post that basically takes any video on youtube and converts that into a really good blog post, high quality authority, blog post for you.

So you can use it as it is, or you can even edit it and completely change it. And you know use parts of it as per you, want and create a great blog post from it, cutting down your time and effort by a lot when creating a blog post.

So let me show you how this works. Okay, here is my website and on the screen you can see. This is my website and has a blank blog post that i’m about to write okay. Now what if i had an article to actually start begin to actually write with right? So let’s go down here, and this is the one click blog post plugin.

I’ll jump over to uh. This youtube video here from bill gates about the pandemic, and i’ll just copy the video url from here, and if i want to write an article about the pandemic, i will just paste it over here and click on insert content, and it basically Asks me to choose the language, because this this video has multiple languages, so you can click on english and then instantly.

You have this entire article here completely formatted, looking amazing and with all the right information about the pandemic from bill gates directly and he spoke on the ted talk state, so it’s. Definitely, authority content also it inserts a youtube link back to the original article, giving due credit to the original author of the video.

So there it is a completely done for your blog post in just three seconds

Just one click: you can literally have a complete article in just one click now i do recommend that you actually edit this and make it your own and use some parts of it for your own originality and create some content really really fast.

Okay. So now let me come back to questions from michael about my launch. Okay, so who is this, for this is for anyone who wants to actually create a create blog post or write content that actually needs uh, that you need actually for marketing.

So whether you have a wordpress site or a non-wordpress site, you can completely do this. We also have a cloud version of this, which is non-wordpress, so you basically can use the cloud version to actually create content for any kind of site you have it.

It can be used for ebooks, it can be used for any kind of content modules that you want to create, and that is the beauty of it and what is included in the fe offer is exactly what you saw. You have the wordpress plugin and you have a cloud version of this which works independently of wordpress.

So even if you don’t have wordpress, you don’t need it. You can use the cloud version and you get both the versions. The cloud version and the wordpress plugin version combined on the front end.

What are the upsells? We have the pro version, which basically adds videos and images and time code into the article, so you can actually create interactive content using the pro version. We have a headline generator which actually helps you generate amazing headlines for your articles, because you can’t really use the headlines from youtube directly right. You need fresh, unique headlines and that what and that’s exactly what the headline creator does for you. We also have a tag generator which actually generates seo tags automatically for your content, so you can actually have more seo optimized content and rank it higher, and we have a traffic system which is, is brand new, actually helps you generate traffic to your sites and gets You automated traffic 100, real human people, real human beings, coming to your site every single day, so that is what we have in the upsells.

And how can you make money with this? You can basically use this for your own site and then monetize your site with advertisements from google from add thrive or from any other network. You can also use this to actually write content for other people and charge them money, so you can basically charge anywhere from three dollars to five dollars to even ten dollars per article and write really high quality content really really fast, without putting in a lot of Effort right, so this is one click blog post.

Thank you very much, so we are back and really quick I want to show you inside of the cloud-based version of this software.

So, if you don’t have a wordpress website or if you just don’t want to have it on a wordpress website. You prefer it being cloud-based. Then you’re, going to be happy to have this as well, which is included in your purchase.

So that you can go out there and use this, you can download the text. You can copy it and use that as an article, and this is completely unique content that you can use for your articles for your websites and if you are worried about people getting angry because you’re using their stuff.

Well, you can always just leave a link back to their content at the bottom of your articles, so that you’re, giving them credit where credit is due again that’s. If you’re worried about that, no one’s, going to tell you how to run your uh your business, but really easy to do.

If you need support here, you can go to the support desk. But again you don’t need to have a wordpress website to make this work. But if you do have a wordpress site, you can use it the way the offer showed you inside of his uh little demo that he did for us and you can publish that content right on there.

It’s, a pretty cool way of getting unique content for your websites. Now i’m going to go back over here. I’m, going to walk you through the prices in the oto. The front end offer is going to start off around 27.

You get the new uh, one click post plugin and you get the cloud edition and you get access to both of those. The first oto is the pro upgrade. You get more features like adding video thumbnail and time codes to make the content more interactive.

Number two oto, which is about 37 developers, license unlimited use to sell the clients and keep 100 of the profits oto 3 and one click headline plug-in for unlimited sites. It’s going to allow you to create headlines on autopilot there’s.

The next one’s. It’s, photos on autopilot the next one’s, tags on autopilot and the last one is traffic. Now i’m going to say this right now. These prices could go up at any time. So do not quote me on these prices uh.

These are the lowest ones that i’ve. I’ve, seen there they could go up at any time whatsoever. So just uh. Never never quote me on the prices, because these can change. They are subject to change there, but yeah that’s, a that’s, my review of the product here, as you can see it does what it says in the box.






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