How to start a blog and make money in 2021

How to start a blog while choosing a niche. Now it’s important for you to choose a niche, because you want your blog to be associated with something very specific. Let’s, say, for example, you’re, creating articles videos or podcasts around fitness for the above 40s.

So when people come to your website, they’re, expecting one thing, and that is how to be fit over 40’s, so it’s very, very important that you choose a niche, because this is what a lot of Websites or a lot of blogs get wrong right from the start.

So let’s move on to the next thing. Now, once you’ve selected, your niche, you want to choose a domain name, which can be even your own name. It doesn’t really matter, or it can be a name which associates with your niche.

Alright. So moving on, let’s talk about the hosting, so this is an area which is very important and you need to get it right from the get-go. So there are a lot of companies out there that recommend hosting.

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But in my research on how to start a blog I’ve come up with two companies and they are WP Engine and NameCheap. So there are differences between these two managed hosting is a bit more expensive because they do quite a lot of things in-house, for example, they take care of your security, it’s, much faster, and also they do the caching of the website making sure That is it’s really fast, and also the support is good.

Now, when it comes to self hosted, this is where now you have to add in your own plugins, to make sure that your web, your WordPress website, is optimized. So these two options allow you to set up WordPress very very easily, so once you set up your hosting with either NameCheap. or WP Engine, it will allow you to set up your WordPress website really really fast.

Now, when it comes to WordPress out of the box, it’s not very user friendly. It’s not very easy to create professional-looking websites, and this is why you need a page builder and again there quite a few page builders out there, for example, Elementor or Beaver Builder.

There’s quite a few Themes out there, but the one that I recommend is Divi. I’ve used this for over seven years now. The reason why we’re using a page builder here is to make sure that we can customize our website a lot easier and also we need to brand it make it look really nice with colors, fonts and alignments and all that good stuff.

So this page builder makes it very very easy to achieve that. Okay, so let’s say you’ve, designed your website. It’s. Looking very professional. The next step now is to choose affiliate products that go with the niche that you’ve, just selected, so let’s say you’ve chosen Fitness.

There are supplements that you can promote there’s. Also gyms that you can be an affiliate of, so what you do now is, and this is where the money comes in, so once you select your affiliate programs that you partner with this, is where you create content and recommend products to your audience.

When considering how to start a blog this part is what a lot of blogs miss, and this is how a lot of people are making money out there. So there are several niches out there and all these niches have different affiliate programs. So let’s say like, for example, in my case I can promote hosting, I can promote page builders.

I can promote course hosting platforms and so on, because my area is how to make money online. So this is very, very powerful, and this is why I recommend that you start off stage one with selecting a niche okay. So once you’ve done that now the type of content that you can create are – videos – it can be audio, it can be articles. So all this will have to have an affiliate link that promotes whatever product that is in your posts.

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So these companies they pay commissions either by depositing the money into your bank account or via PayPal. So these are the two main payments so for this system to really work, you’re, also going to need to be consistent. So when you produce your content, you should try and find a schedule that you can work with, so that all your readers or your visitors to your website are expecting that particular content at a specific time.

So if you choose to let’s say produce a video every Friday. Then you need to be sure that you’re consistent with that, because this is how you get loyal fans or loyal subscribers to your website. So it’s important that you really find a schedule that works for you. If you want to do more and if you’re a bit more ambitious, you could do maybe twice or three times a week, but the more you create content the more you’re, going to increase your subscriber base, so this is why it’s, important to create content.

Now when it also comes to content in all these options, you can create these video, these audio and these articles but the most effective one is video, because YouTube is the second largest search engine, so whatever videos that you create, they are likely going to rank on the search results.

Okay, so we’ve spoken about consistency in how to start a blog. The next thing now is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). So these articles and these videos that you create you need to make sure you do some serious SEO because you want to make sure that you’re creating content for keywords that are easier to rank for, because if you choose keywords that are difficult to rank for your videos or your articles are just going to be buried and no one’s going to be able to find them.

Now when It comes to the look of your website you need to make sure that it’s branded. It needs to look professional, you need to choose your colors, your fonts, and they all need to look very, very consistent and very professional, and this is what creates trust between you and your readers.

Okay. So the next part is also very, very important and it’s all about creating a mailing list. So when it comes to the mailing list, I made a lot of mistakes as well back in the day when I created my first blog, I did not add an opt-in form on my website and therefore that was a lost opportunity. So what you want to do is to make sure that people are signing up to maybe a freebie or something that you’re giving away so that they are added on to your mailing list.

So the advantages of having a mailing list is every time you produce your content you can also email all your subscribers, letting them know that your content is out. So this is the best way to communicate with your subscribers, because relying on YouTube or relying on social medias, all the algorithms change and you can’t really rely on them and with worst case scenario, you get banned.

You know there’s a way of getting those subscribers to connect with your website. No, I know that when you look at this system it seems very, very complicated and there’s, a lot of work that needs to be done, but don’t worry.

I hope this article has been beneficial and I’ll see you in the next.

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