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How to Write a Perfect Blog Post in One Hour

This is probably our most requested, video being that we run a network of websites. We have to produce high quality content and produce it quickly.

Your time starts now the first way to save a ton of time when you’re writing blog posts and to prevent writer’s block is to keep a hit list of articles just spin one day, a few hours, getting your keywords that you find using our Google alphabet-soup method that we always use and put them in a Google Doc.

Then any time you want to write just go to your hit list and grab your headline already complete seven tips for writing an ATV safely or six ways to make your ATV start more smoothly. Whatever we grab our headline and just copy and paste it into a blog post that way when you sit down there’s, no thinking you’re ready to go next step is to write the first sentence and the answer paragraph, but You may not know how to do that unless you first do a little bit of research.

We had a mission. I didn’t know why four wheelers backfire and I would have no idea either the way to cut your research time in half, is to not come off as an expert. Instead present yourself as the person’s, neighbor just a friend who has a similar problem.

If we write this blog post from an experts point of view, then you have to spend time proving yourself and why you know you want data and statistics to prove your points. But if instead, you’re, just the friend, then you can just do some research quickly.

Finding an answer.

Finding an answer. Usually, that’s, spread across forum posts and YouTube videos that you may spend 10 to 15 minutes researching to find, but because we’re writing on such a niche topic, it shouldn’t, take long to do the research.

If you’re writing on something very broad like a pillar post 3,500 words, then this is going to take a longer amount of time. But this is a response. Post response posts are 1,500 words long and directly answer a niche question that isn’t answered elsewhere online.

If you’re, not sure the difference between response staple and pillar posts, and why we do that to rank better on Google, you got ta check out this video that we’ve done. The next step is to write your first sentence and your answer paragraph so Ricky.

Have you already finished your your first sentence? I have indeed all right. Let’s, hear it. I’m sitting here at an ATV and dirt bike track and started thinking. Why is it the four-wheelers backfire? Ok good, so you use the keyword and you’ve kind of developed a little a little bit of a connection with the reader.

You know say: hey I’m here. I a human being. I’m sitting here. Writing this for you and I find that that’s, usually the best way to do it is because this is probably going to be your description in a Google search result.

Unless you’re actively entering in something different in CEO plugin, which i think is kind of a waste of time, because you can already just make the first sentence of your blogpost – something that works well as a description, so that I think that’s, a great first sentence and then you’ll.

Have your answer paragraph?

The answer paragraph is about three to four sentences. Long, and this is usually bolded, and it just is a quick summary like this is the answer. The reason that we do this is because we win snippets this way, so many of our blog posts get a snippet on Google because of this technique, it’s killer, and nobody else is talking about this and blogging a bolded second paragraph that directly Answers the question: so if you’ve written your your answer paragraph, yet I have let’s, hear it one of the most nerve-racking sounds.

I hear when riding a four-wheeler is a backfire. So I didn’t, so I did a little research four-wheelers, usually backfired because of a short sudden moment where the engines running too rich or too lean.

That means it’s, either getting more fuel than it needs for the amount of air it takes in or else not enough. Let’s. Look into what that means and what you need to do about it perfect that’s, a perfect answer, paragraph.

It’s, a perfect answer paragraph. I like that, you said I did some research and – and you said you know, I’ve wondered this like you’re, not coming off as though mechanic who has all the answers you’re instead coming off as somebody Who’s, wondered the same thing and looked around the web to find the answer and then put it all together in a nice neat package for them we’re still less than twenty minutes into this, and now we are gonna put down the structure of subheadings that will further develop the topic.

We almost never see blog posts that ranked number one that are incredibly short. In fact, backlinko did a study and they found that of number one search results on google that the average word count was 1980 words, so a longer blog post, like almost always, is going to outperform a really short one.

So we need to develop this a little bit more.

Yes, we’ve, given a direct answer, but they probably still have some lingering questions and that’s. What these subheadings are there for so you may have a subheading of you know.

Examples of why a four-wheeler might might backfire or, of course, their next question after you tell them why it’s. Backfiring is how do I fix it, and so that would be another great subheadings. Have you already written your subheadings? I have let’s, hear em.

Alright, I’ve got what is back frying on a four-wheeler, so I’m gonna give this short little get more yeah. Why does my four-wheeler backfire? Ok, when do four-wheelers backfire? So like what situation cause, it does back frying hurt my ATV, and how do I stop my poor wheeler from backfiring? Ok, perfect! So you have now have you’ve, really set up yourself for the rest of your 40 minutes of writing to make this easy, because we did about 10 to 15 minutes of research.

Just explain each of the subheadings.

We already had our keyword, research done in the beginning. It needs to straighten one quick answer, paragraph an intro sentence and three subheadings. That is not hard to do in a 20 minute period.

T have to come up with 1,500 words. Now, for his blog post, he’s, probably already written old, maybe 400 words from doing just that intro, but now he has his subheadings. He has four or five subheadings, and now he doesn’t have to write a 1500 word blog post.

What he’s doing. Is he’s writing five 300 word blog posts. He has the subheadings already now. He just has to fill in the data, for each of these just explain each of the subheadings. It makes it so easy to write and it totally prevents reader writer’s block because it’s.

Just a short thing that you’re writing also. It makes it much more pleasant for the reader to read through this, so it isn’t like a dense text book. It’s quickly, scannable to see where you want to get the information in the post, but it still has a lot of meat.

So one of my favorite tips for just filling in these paragraphs now is to use speech to text on a Mac. If you’ve set up your set thinks correctly, all you have to do is tap function function and then it pops up the Boop, and you can just start talking and I find that that’s, a much quicker way to write Your blog post, so after you have the information you can just start talking and your computer will hear what you say and write it down.

Windows also has this capability, but the best one probably out there is Google Docs, does a really good job of speech to text and getting everything correct. So you can just just say it in there and then copy and paste it into your WordPress back-end.

So, by doing that, it just makes it quick to get out information. You’ll, probably have to go through it again and clean things up where you didn’t, say things the best and stuff, but it’s. Just nice to get to your length out there in a few minutes, and then you’re just doing polishing for the last 10 minutes now.

After all, the text is in, you obviously have to put at least one nice big image at the top. I like to do something full with at the top. You may also need one or two supporting images now again, this is a response.

Post 1500 words which we find works works well for many things. A staple poster a pillar post may take longer sometimes for a pillar post all spent for working days, just poring through research and finding everything I can and making a little video to get in there and just custom images for the post and you’Ll go all out, but that’s only for a poster that’s on a big keyword where you really need to be competitive.

If, as long as you’re finding nice niche quick answers that you can make in a blog post, you can make them very quickly. It’ll, take practice the first few times you do this, but if you get used to following this systematic approach, you can finish your blog post much much more quickly.

Or, you can use 1 Click Blog Post.

How Does 1 Click Blog Post Work?
1 Click Blog Post takes the transcript from any YouTube video and imports it as content for your WordPress article.  It works with any niche or any topic and all it requires is a YouTube URL, that’s it.

How Do I Install 1 Click Blog Post?

Download and install the 1 Click Blog Post plugin to your WordPress site.

Create a new WordPress post.

Copy any YouTube video URL and paste in the box.

That’s it, the content is extracted and added to your article.

1 Click Blog Post Features

It does more than just create content for your website.  You can also automatically import the video and embed it on your website (Perfect if you’re using your own video), you can also auto add time-stamps in the content to jump to that section of the video and auto-import the videos thumbnail as the featured image so you don’t have to manually create one.